Must I go where my insurance company tells me to for Appraisals & Repairs ?

No. By law you have the right to choose without interference from your insurance company. Should you select their shop, you will be forced to pay your deductible. These "Preferred Shops" or "Direct Repair Facilities" usually sub-out work to out of state contractors, to handle the high demand. Usually they don't even know their own techs. Its simply trial and error and who will pay them the highest percentage.


What is "Auto Hail Repair" and why "Certified"?

Certified Auto Hail Repair is the premier Paintless Dent Removal Company in the marketplace, since 1992. We use NO bondo and will utilize PDR even if more costly to us, to keep your factory paint intact. Many competitors will use fillers or replace the panel and repaint to save the shop or insurance company money. Not us, we work for you, exclusively.


What if I don't fix my car?

An "Unrepaired Damage Restriction" will be placed on your car, denying future claims on both Comprehensive AND Collision. Basically, you will find yourself continuing to pay for full coverage while only having the benefits of a Liability Policy. If your vehicle is being financed/leased you face even greater downside risk.