This certificate assures that the repairs for which you and Certified Auto Hail Repair have agreed upon, Repair # _________________   have been completed. As such, we guarantee the work performed directly by Certified Auto Hail repair so long as said vehicle continues to be owned as registered, at the time of repair. Items on the repair order, such as sublet parts and/or sublet labor, are subject to the guarantee of those suppliers and/or service providers. We will make available to you any applicable warranties of such providers in advance, upon request.


This warranty shall only apply if the defects occurred under normal driving conditions and not where any vehicle has been subjected to accidents, negligence, abuse or misuse, improper maintenance or storage. Specifically excluded from this written warranty are rust coming through the metal, scratches and gravel marks acquired from driving conditions.


Upon completion of contracted repairs, Certified Auto Hail Repair will walk you around your vehicle to review all workmanship to insure that your expectations have been met and that all work was performed as promised and contracted for, for which a signature will be required.


Keep in mind that one of the great benefits of Paintless Dent Removal is that the service does not utilize paints, solvents, fillers or bondos and as such is incredibly unlikely to actually experience failure.


We thank you for selecting Certified Auto Hail Repair for the restoration of your vehicle.